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A Hindu goddess of protection, vengeance, and victory, often described as the consort of Siva and as an avatar of Devi.

[Sanskrit Durgā, from durgā, feminine of durga-, difficult to approach, unattainable : dur-, variant (used before voiced consonants) of dus-, bad; see dus- in Indo-European roots + -ga-, going, moving (either from gam-, root form of gacchati, he goes, approaches, or from gā-, root form of gāti, he goes, approaches; see gwā- in Indo-European roots).]


(Hinduism) Hinduism the goddess Parvati portrayed as a warrior: renowned for slaying the buffalo demon, Mahisha
[from Sanskrit: the inaccessible one]
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Noun1.Durga - Hindu goddess of warDurga - Hindu goddess of war; a malevolent aspect of Devi; "the inaccessible Durga"
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Les aines lui reprochent son melange de code constant entre le francais et le tamoul mais reconnaissent son devouement au temple Durgai Amman et ses efforts pour apprendre a lire et a ecrire le tamoul, efforts qui apres quinze ans ne semblent toutefois pas avoir porte fruit puisque Selvamani sait a peine lire et ecrire l'alphabet tamoul.
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