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Dur·ham 1

1. A city of northeast England south of Newcastle. It is noted for its cathedral and castle, built by the Normans in the 1100s.
2. A city of north-central North Carolina near Raleigh and Chapel Hill. Settled c. 1750, it is the seat of Duke University (founded 1838).

Dur·ham 2


[After Durham, a county of northern England.]


1. (Placename) a former administrative county of NE England; became a unitary authority in 2009; on the North Sea: rises to the N Pennines in the west: the geographical and ceremonial county includes the unitary authorities of Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees (both part of Cleveland until 1996) and Darlington (created in 1997). Administrative centre: Durham. Pop (of Durham unitary authority): 494 200 (2003 est). Area (of Durham unitary authority): 2434 sq km (940 sq miles). Abbreviation: Dur.
2. (Placename) a city in NE England, administrative centre of Co Durham, on the River Wear: Norman cathedral; 11th-century castle (founded by William the Conqueror), now occupied by the University of Durham (1832). Pop: 42 939 (2001)
3. (Breeds) a rare variety of shorthorn cattle. See shorthorn


(ˈdɜr əm, ˈdʌr-)

1. a county in NE England. 604,300; 940 sq. mi. (2435 sq. km).
2. a city in this county. 86,500.
3. a city in N North Carolina. 149,799.
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Noun1.Durham - a city of north central North CarolinaDurham - a city of north central North Carolina; site of Duke University
Duke University - a university in Durham, North Carolina
NC, North Carolina, Old North State, Tar Heel State - a state in southeastern United States; one of the original 13 colonies
2.Durham - English breed of short-horned cattleDurham - English breed of short-horned cattle
beef, beef cattle - cattle that are reared for their meat
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Mr Chris Newton is a geology graduate from the University of Durham, England and also holds a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment from the Securities Institute of Australia (SIA).
She graduated from the University of Durham in Durham, England before receiving her postgraduate diploma in legal practice from the University of Law in Guildford, England.
A Palestinian man said he was beaten up by three men on Christmas Eve in Durham, England, after wishing them a "Merry Christmas.
So it's a different injury to what he's had the previous surgery for, and there's no reason to think that when he's had this bone fragment removed, he won't be able to get back to bowling as well he has for Durham, England Lions and England in the second half of the 2016 summer.
There is no reason to think when he has had this bone fragment removed he will not be able to get back to bowling as well he has for Durham, England Lions and England in the second half of the 2016 summer.
After the war, Charles Neilan moved to Durham, England, where he set up a medical practice with his eldest brother John and it was there that Shirley was born.
The 71-year-old was in jail in County Durham, England, and was due to give evidence at the re-ordered inquest into Arlene's death in Belfast.
Through 12 case studies based on papers given at the oReanimating Industrial Spaceso session at the Theoretical Archaeology Group meeting in Durham, England, in December 2009, and the European Association of Archaeologists meeting in Den Haag, the Netherlands, in September 2010, archaeology, anthropology, and cultural geography scholars from the UK and US examine the relationships between people and former industrial spaces through the concept of memory work.
It took Chris Juby, Director of Worship at King's Church in Durham, England, exactly three years and three months to complete his mission of reducing every single chapter of the Bible to 140 characters, the New York Daily News reported.
The officer said the address in Durham, England, which the defendant wished to stay if released on bail was unsuitable as it was close to a mental health facility.
3, 1929, in Houghton-Le-Spring, County Durham, England, to Michael and Mary Jane O'Shaughnessy Neary.
Tajik is still living in his home in Durham, England, unextradited.