durmast oak

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dur·mast oak

A European oak tree (Quercus petraea) having lobed leaves, stalkless acorns, and tough wood. Also called sessile oak.

[Perhaps alteration of dun mast : dun + mast.]
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On the first floor, leather-clad durmast oak tables are topped with stylish stainless-steel dumbbells and kettlebells, and a typographic installation blazes Technogym's motto, "Let's Move For a Better World," in neon yellow lights.
Our native oak tree, the Sessile or Durmast Oak, Quercus petraea, so called because its acorns do not usually have a stalk, is one of the most valuable trees in our environment, supporting hundreds of different species of fauna and giving our woods that feeling of permanence as you walk through them.
Caerphilly Common should be made part of a Green Belt and nature left to regenerate it to its natural state of durmast oak woodland.