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Noun1.Lawrence Durrell - English writer of Irish descent who spent much of his life in Mediterranean regions (1912-1990)
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So, while her postcolonial sensibility deplores acts of cultural voyeurism and the appropriation of the Other for one's own purposes, Papayanis argues that expatriates like Durrell, Lawrence, and Bowles can be read as performing an ethical practice of self-discipline, or ascesis, as they attempt to extract from their confrontations with the Other some significant life good.
In the last chapter of this study, Papayanis contrasts Durrell, Lawrence, and Bowles with two post-modern approaches to an ethics of expatriation by looking at Don DeLillo's The Names and Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient.
Her discussions of Durrell, Lawrence, Bowles, DeLillo, and Ondaatje respond to specific experiences, making use of biography, travel writing, and fiction.