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 (do͞o′zĕ), Eleonora 1858?-1924.
Italian actress who was highly acclaimed as a heroine in the plays of Gabriele D'Annunzio and Henrik Ibsen.


(Italian ˈduːze)
(Biography) Eleonora (ˌɛlɪəˈnɔːrə). 1858–1924, Italian actress, noted as a tragedienne


(ˈdu zeɪ)

Eleonora, 1859–1924, Italian actress.
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Noun1.Duse - Italian actress best known for her performances in tragic roles (1858-1924)Duse - Italian actress best known for her performances in tragic roles (1858-1924)
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Lille were incensed the goal was allowed to stand given keeper Tony Sylva was still lining up his wall and goalkeeping coach Jean Noel Duse called the home players to the sideline in what appeared to be an attempt to get the game abandoned.
The home players surrounded Dutch referee Eric Braamhaar to voice their protests and when play stopped, they were called to the touchline by goalkeeping coach Jean Noel Duse.
9-litre eight-valve turbodiesel using Volkswagen's Pumpe Duse technology.
Cenere was not "written specifically for the internationally celebrated, Italian stage actress, Eleonora Duse .
Onstage, she almost never used rouge, powder or any other make-up, and that alone was enough to mark the young Italian actress Eleanora Duse as exceptional in the late 19th century.
However, recent improvements made to the performance, refinement, and efficiency of many diesel engines have also influenced the resurgent diesel market, and no manufacturer has made more progress in this area than Volkswagen with its TDI Pumpe Duse or PD (meaning "unit injector") technology.
Good things are smaller petrol engines; most diesels, especially the newer Common Rail and Pumpe Duse units; manual gearboxes and smaller cars.
As a visionary she was accepted as an equal by scenic designer Edward Gordon Craig, stage director Konstantin Stanislavsky, and actress Eleonora Duse, agents of change who were leading the theater into modem times.
D ' Annunzio dedicated this work to Eleonora Duse, who played the title role in its first production.
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com Blandford Stakes 1m Group 2 ATR Card page 57 Key stat Sir Michael Stoute has trained the winner three times in the past six years and he runs Eleanora Duse BANIMPIRE continues her busy and successful season at the Curragh today when she faces 11 rivals, including British raider Eleanora Duse, winner of the race a year ago and the progressive Bible Belt, in the Group 2 www.
Last year, the famous Ballymacoll colours landed the Listed race they sponsor through Eleanor Duse, trained by Sir Michael Stoute.