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Noun1.Dusicyon - crab-eating dog
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
Canidae, family Canidae - dogs; wolves; jackals; foxes
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In the wild, the main reservoirs are foxes (Dusicyon vetulus and Cerdocyon thous) and marsupials (Didelphis albiventris).
Niche separation between the maned wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus), the crab-eating fox (Dusicyon thous) and the hoary fox (Dusicyon vetulus) in central Brazil.
Trophicniche relationships among Galictis cuja, Dusicyon culpaeus, and Tyto alba in central Chile.
Seeds are carried by native animals, such as gray brocket (Mazama gouazoubira F.), black-rumped agouti (Dasyprocta prymnolopha W.), collared peccary (Pecan tajacu L.), fox (Dusicyon thous L.), yellow armadillo (Euphractus sexcinctus L.), argentine black and white tegu (Tupinambis merianae L.), greater rhea (Rhea americana L.) and white-naped jay (Cyanocorax cyanopogon Wied) (Barreto and Castro, 2010; Cavalcanti et al., 2009a; Cavalcanti and Resende, 2003; Azevedo et al., 2013).
guanicoe--, nandu -Rheidae--, mara--Dolichotis patagonu--zorro (Dusicyon sp.) o vizcacha--Lagostomus maximus(Pelliza et al.
Visceral leishmaniasis in the hoary zorro Dusicyon vetulus: a case of mistaken identity.
deanei have been encountered in wild animals such as tree-porcupines [25], foxes (Dusicyon vetulus and Cerdocyon thous) [26, 27], rodents [28, 29], and opossums (Didelphis marsupialis) [30-32].
Observations on a domesticated Peruvian desert fox, Dusicyon. Journal of Mammalogy 37:284-287.