Dutch elm disease

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Dutch elm disease

A disease of elm trees caused by fungi of the genus Ophiostoma, especially O. ulmi or O. novo-ulmi, characterized by wilted leaves and brown streaks in the wood and resulting in eventual death of the trees.

[From having been discovered in the Netherlands.]

Dutch elm disease

(Plant Pathology) a disease of elm trees caused by the fungus Ceratocystis ulmi and characterized by withering of the foliage and stems and eventual death of the parts of the tree above ground

Dutch′ elm′ disease`

a disease of elms characterized by wilting, yellowing, and falling of the leaves, caused by a fungus, Ceratostomella ulmi, transmitted by bark beetles.
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Noun1.Dutch elm disease - disease of elms caused by a fungus
plant disease - a disease that affects plants
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We've 200 million oaks in the UK, so if this thing did really take off in the same way as Dutch elm disease, the impact on the landscape and biodiversity would be very significant.
What makes the liberty elm special is that it is a strain of elm that is resistant to Dutch elm disease.
The ERI aims to help communities protect their stately old elm trees from Dutch elm disease.
Other similar diseases move in a much more random fashion than Dutch elm disease, so it wouldn't be explosive in the same sense.
About 19million trees were blown down in the storms of 1987 and 1990 and millions more killed by Dutch elm disease.
Dutch elm disease permanently altered our forests in the 1970s, wiping out 25 million trees.
Aesthetically, the loss of maples and other "host" species would impoverish the urban landscape and forest lands alike - on a scale far beyond the devastation wreaked by the beetle-borne Dutch elm disease a half-century ago.
Since the mid-1970s Dutch Elm Disease has wiped out 20 million trees in Britain alone.
Researchers in Ohio are clustering seedlings grown from the few, scattered trees that have recovered from Dutch elm disease, according to an Associated Press story.
A section of Leaf Lane, between Fenside Avenue and Black Prince Avenue, will be closed for two weeks while trees killed by new outbreaks of dutch elm disease are felled.
Fine Gael Senator Paudie Coffey said it could do as much damage to our landscape as Dutch Elm disease and could threaten garden shrubs.

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