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Noun1.Dutch people - the people of the NetherlandsDutch people - the people of the Netherlands; "the Dutch are famous for their tulips"
nation, country, land - the people who live in a nation or country; "a statement that sums up the nation's mood"; "the news was announced to the nation"; "the whole country worshipped him"
Frisian - a native or inhabitant of Friesland or Frisia
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"Do you know, when some Dutch people came here to buy Dirk's pictures he tried to persuade them to buy Strickland's?
I have often seen these among old Dutch people and Belgians.
When asked to rate their general satisfaction with life on a scale from 0 to 10, Dutch people gave it a 7.4 grade on average, higher than the OECD average of 6.5.
Beltman said, 'Omani and Dutch people share many things, including their love for good, tasty and healthy food.
However, she found that information about which Dutch people came to Taiwan and what they had done here was very scarce, the report said.
Bas Opdenkelder welcomed the efforts of the Indonesian Consul General in Toronto and will help by introducing the Indonesian Consul General in Toronto through his network of Canadian Dutch people to help find markets for Indonesian products.
"We are very proud that Dutch lessons are being given at a school here in Qatar for children and youth, we have a community of about 1,400 Dutch people here and the language is also spoken in different countries around the world, not only in Europe but also in Africa and the Caribbean," she said.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Dutch people and government during this difficult time," the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said in a statement.
Rudi's son Marco, who hasn't been in touch with his dad for two years, arrived in Bulgaria after watching the documentary while Dutch people, living in the Balkan country, arranged a temporary shelter for the dogs.
But a majority of Dutch people, with fond childhood memories of the start of the gift-giving season every Nov.
Moreover, 95 per cent of Dutch people speak English, which makes it easy for international students and visitors to communicate with the locals.