Dutch tile

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a glazed and painted ornamental tile, formerly much exported, and used in the jambs of chimneys and the like.

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The most venerable and ornamental object is a chimney-piece set round with Dutch tiles of blue-figured China, representing scenes from Scripture; and, for aught I know, the lady of Pownall or Bernard may have sat beside this fireplace, and told her children the story of each blue tile.
The fireplace was an old one, built by some Dutch merchant long ago, and paved all round with quaint Dutch tiles, designed to illustrate the Scriptures.
To one end is a carved stone fireplace with handmade Dutch tile inset, flagstone hearth and wooden display shelf over.
seeks partnership with a Dutch tile producer for expanding its product offerings and footprint in the brand-conscious hospitality market.
The volume describes the building's design as a charitable foundation containing a public fountain and a school, and for its unique history, architectural style, and decoration, which combine classic Turkish Ottoman features with Dutch tile decoration and Cairene architectural principles.
The 17th century Dutch tile was the cheapest early delftware tile I've come across at an antiques fair, costing just pounds 8.
Mahogany, walnut, cherry, burl, maple, prima vera and English oak are some of the woods used, while period-influenced colors include shades such as Colonial Yellow, Dutch Tile Blue and Light French Gray.