Dwarf wall

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(Arch.) a low wall, not as high as the story of a building, often used as a garden wall or fence.
- Gwilt.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A few leaky boats drawn up on the mud, and made fast to the dwarf wall which skirted it: and here and there an oar or coil of rope: appeared, at first, to indicate that the inhabitants of these miserable cottages pursued some avocation on the river; but a glance at the shattered and useless condition of the articles thus displayed, would have led a passer-by, without much difficulty, to the conjecture that they were disposed there, rather for the preservation of appearances, than with any view to their being actually employed.
At that end of Minor Canon Corner the shadow is profound in the existing state of the light: at that end, too, there is a piece of old dwarf wall, breast high, the only remaining boundary of what was once a garden, but is now the thoroughfare.
There is an attractive raised border surrounded by a dwarf wall brimming with a variety of flowering plants and shrubbery.
The front garden, set behind dwarf wall, is easy to maintain with crushed slate and mature plants, flowers and shrubs.
Outside, the house has a dwarf wall and cast iron railings at the front.
There is an extensive lawned garden area to the front with an orchard area and sweeping side lawns opening to the truly stunning lawned gardens to the rear.These aspects are also enjoyed from the large illuminated rear terrace with central border, ornamental dwarf wall with raised borders and pathway towards the estuary.
The rear garden is mainly laid to lawn with Yorkshire stone patio area with dwarf wall abutting the house.
PONTPRENNAU/ ST MELLONS The removal of a hedge to make way for a second parking place, to be fenced off by a dwarf wall and railings at 1 Gaulden Grove.
Protected by a cute dwarf wall, the double-fronted Victorian facade is well maintained and has been lovingly cared for by the current owners.
Q I'M writing to ask how I can make a 100mm diameter hole in the dwarf wall of a conservatory so that I can fit a tumble drier pipe.