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Noun1.Dwight Davis - United States tennis player who donated the Davis Cup for international team tennis competition (1879-1945)
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Hosted by US Governor-general Dwight Davis for the Philippine legislature and their ladies, the evening proceeded as it had many times before, and when it came to the finale or the 'cadena,' the music stopped and all couples stood at their places to execute the graceful movements, linked hand to hand, that would create an undulating human chain to cap yet another splendid evening.
In his one-page recommendation to Secretary of War Dwight Davis, General Hull wrote that "the undisputed facts in the case show a cruel and premeditated murder." He further insisted that not only was there "no evidence of any psychosis, but that on the contrary Lieutenant Thompson....
Former NBA and University of Houston Cougars player Dwight Davis may be best known for his professional basketball career, having played for both the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, and being inducted into the university's "Hall of Honor" in 2006, while still holding many of the school's records for rebounding, shot blocking and scoring.
That forced UAMS to lay off seven employees and frustrated EBRx Director Dwight Davis, who was limited in his ability to seek out replacement clients because of the exclusivity agreement.
Dwight Davis is director of inbound marketing for Salsa Labs.
Fielkow is the President & CEO, and the NBRPA Board of Directors includes Chairman of the Board Thurl Bailey, Vice Chairman Dwight Davis, Treasurer Marvin Roberts, Secretary Nancy Lieberman, Past Chairman Robert A.
Tinsley Sr., Rick Barry, Dwight Davis, Spencer Haywood, Nancy Lieberman, Johnny Newman and Eldridge Recasner.
Authorities arrested Donald Dwight Davis, 38, that evening.
1945: Dwight Davis, the man who founded tennis' Davis Cup competition, died.
Once the two respective national associations had agreed, one of the four players, Dwight Davis, designed a tournament format and ordered a trophy, buying it with his own money.
<p>"They are not on the ropes," says independent consultant Dwight Davis, who has followed Microsoft for more than 15 years.
1900 - American Dwight Davis created the Davis Cup tennis tournament.