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Noun1.Dwight Eisenhower - United States general who supervised the invasion of Normandy and the defeat of Nazi GermanyDwight Eisenhower - United States general who supervised the invasion of Normandy and the defeat of Nazi Germany; 34th President of the United States (1890-1961)
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Founded in 1956 as an umbrella voicePresident Dwight Eisenhower pressed for a one-stop shop to interact with the Jewish populationCOP, according to its website, "advances the interests of the American Jewish community, sustains broad-based support for Israel and addresses the critical concerns facing world Jewry." It counts 50 member organizations on its posted roster.
Summary: Washington DC [USA], July 23 (ANI): Donald Trump presented Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan with a cricket bat, along with a picture of former US president Dwight Eisenhower during the meeting at the White House here on Monday.
senator from California, he served two terms as vice president under Dwight Eisenhower (1890-1969) in the 1950s.
Lovett was an international banker and naval aviator in World War I, developed the Army Air Force in World War II, served in the State Department and was involved in the creation of the Marshall Plan and NATO, worked in the Defense Department during the Korean War, served as a consultant to Dwight Eisenhower, and counseled John F.
If Mr Obama comes top again next year he will tie with the record holder - former president Dwight Eisenhower who won the most admired man title 12 times, Gallup said.
President Dwight Eisenhower signed a law making the phrase the national motto in 1956.
The two military men who guided the Allies to victory in World War II were Dwight Eisenhower and George Marshall.
Though military parades did mark the ends of the Civil, First and Second World Wars, and troops and missiles were part of the inaugural parades of John Kennedy and Dwight Eisenhower, presidents' reviewing military parades is rare in U.S.
He was dubbed 'America's pastor' and was a confidant of former presidents from General Dwight Eisenhower to George W Bush.
He repeatedly frustrates General Dwight Eisenhower (John Slattery), Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery (Julian Wadham) and Field Marshal Alan Brooke (Danny Webb) by stubbornly arguing against Operation Overlord.
Dwight Eisenhower maintained that he had two kinds of problems - the urgent and the important - in which the urgent were not important and the important were never urgent.
Danny Webb as Alan Brooke, John Slattery as Dwight Eisenhower and Julian Wadham as Bernard Montgomery