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 (dā′ăk′) or Dy·ak (dī′-)
n. pl. Dayak or Day·aks also Dyak or Dy·aks
1. A member of any of various Indonesian peoples inhabiting Borneo.
2. The language of the Dayak.

[Dayak Daya, Dayaq, upcountry (sense uncertain), Dayak.]
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There were, perhaps, fifty Dyaks and Malays--fierce, barbaric men; mostly naked to the waist, or with war-coats of brilliant colors.
Malaysia's racial profile is diverse: Malays constitute 45 percent of the population; Chinese 35 percent; Indians 10 percent; and the Dyaks and Kadazans 10 percent.
There are hardly any old stumps or trees to be seen scattered around, an encumbrance which is seldom missing in the ladangs of the Dyaks [sic].
Estos se observan en la cultura maya clasica (el Yaxche), en la mitologia escandinava (el Yggdrasill), entre los Dyaks (en Indonesia), entre los Salish y los Nez Perce (en America del Norte), entre los Vasyugan Ostiak (en Khanty, Asia Central), en el judaismo tardio (Cercano Oriente); entre los Achilpa (en Australia) y entre los Masai, los Efe e Ijaw (en Africa) (Eliade, 1972; Green, 1977; De la Casa, 2012).
Early missionary efforts among Malays in Singapore petered out quickly, and efforts among Javans, Bataks, Dyaks, and Ibans (all included in the category of Malay peoples) came well after the Methodist definition of Malaysia was established.
At the June 6 meeting with the dyaks (officials) of the Foreign Affairs Office they agreed to hold negotiations not in Moscow but in Novgorod with the local governor, although Russia had abandoned this insulting practice during the reign of Erik XIV.
London: Her Majesty's Stationary Office, 1953) and outwardly jealous of Freeman's luck to be given the post to study the iban, and William Geddes was working with the Bidahyu (Land Dyaks) and published his own report in 1954 and the popular volume, Nine Dayak Nights.
He had penetrated, in the train of a Chinese pedlar, up one or two of the Bornean rivers into the country of the Dyaks. [...] But a hairy brute like Pedro, with his great fangs and ferocious growls, was altogether beyond his conception of anything that could be looked upon as human.
Which Asian island is home to a race of people known as Dyaks?
to him when Brooke was under investigation for having massacred some native Dyaks. In a letter to his friend John Malcolm Ludlow, Kingsley justified this support in quite blood-curdling terms: "The truest benevolence is occasional severity....
(55) There has also been inter-group conflict elsewhere in Indonesia such as between Muslims and Christians in Poso in Central Sulawezi and between local Dyaks and internal Madurese migrants to Kalimantan.
Consider, for example, societies such as the Eskimo tribes of the North American Arctic, Pygmies in Zaire, the Yurok of North America, the Ifugao of the Philippines, the Land Dyaks of Sarawak, the Kuikuru of South America, the Kabyle Berbers of Algeria, the Massims of East Paupo-Melanesia, and the Santals of India--none of which had governments (Leeson forthcoming).