n.1.A building in which dyeing is carried on.
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The garden, about half an acre in size, is margined by the Brillante, so named from the particles of mica which sparkle in its bed elsewhere than in the Val- Noble, where its shallow waters are stained by the dyehouses, and loaded with refuse from the other industries of the town.
Police were first called to Dyehouse Lane just after 8.
Police were called to Dyehouse Lane in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, at around 8.
Woodlands Mill comprises a twostorey stone built mill and separate dyehouse.
The company has ideally reflected its principal line of business in textile finishing sector and brought many innovations in dyehouse and laboratory automation.
They cover an introduction to dying and dyehouse automation, principles underlying the dyeing process, dye transport in fluid systems, developing theoretical models of dyeing, solving dynamic equations in dye transport, simulating the dying process, principles of control in dyeing processes, and measuring and controlling dyeing.
Somewhere between the fulling mill (where cloth gets cleansed and thumped), the dyehouse, and the stables, a group of children waylay the royal couple and present a charming masque complimentary to the king.
When I was a tutor at the University of Rhode Island Writing Center during 2007-08, Director Jeremiah Dyehouse observed one of my client sessions.
I got pounds 17 a week - or 30p an hour - mainly for working in the dyehouse, mixing colours and putting the white cloth into the dye, lots of little things that an 18-year-old ends up doing when his father feels he needs employment.