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n.1.A unit of measure for dynamical effect or work; a foot pound. See Foot pound.
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Dynam.AI, a provider of end-to-end artificial intelligence (AI) for businesses, and GBA, engineering and architecture solutions developer, have entered a partnership to refine methods of identifying and assessing bridge defects--a market whose potential is underscored in a 2019 American Road & Transportation Builders Association report indicating 47,000-plus crossings deemed structurally deficient.
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HEAT at Edsa Shangri-la Hotel presents Asian and continental specialties with a touch of modern flair and dynam. The damage?
Dynamo-style Warwick Dynam Brav igi noring conqueri Bravo to for ignoring the madness and conquering g his fears.
ETOF enhancement of the pulsed indirect time-of-flight method relies on the following main pillars: enhanced dynam ic range, high accuracy at short range and long range, immunity to blinding from external light sources, and digital pulse timing control.
Messah a, de son cAaAaAeA tAaAaAeA@, mis en exergue [beaucoup moins que]les avancAaAaAeA@es rAaAaAeA@ dans de nombreux domaines de la coopAaAaAeA@ration de mAaAaAeA me que la dynam insufflAaAaAeA@e AaAaAeA ces relations grAaAaAeAcce AaAaAeA l'engagement personnel des de d'Etat qui œuvrent AaAaAeA leur confAaAaAeA@rer un caractAaAaAeA?re d'exemplaritAaAaAeA@[ plus grand que], relAaAaAeA?ve le communiquAa
Il est nAaAaAeA@ dans le sillage de la dynam lancAaAaAeA@e par la refonte du systAaAaAeA?me publique d'aide au cinAaAaAeA@ma.
Developer Niantic has updated "PokAaAaAeA@mon Go" and has added its new dynam weather system that allows the game to adapt to real life weather conditions.
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