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n.1.A unit of measure for dynamical effect or work; a foot pound. See Foot pound.
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Messah a, de son cAaAaAeA tAaAaAeA@, mis en exergue [beaucoup moins que]les avancAaAaAeA@es rAaAaAeA@ dans de nombreux domaines de la coopAaAaAeA@ration de mAaAaAeA me que la dynam insufflAaAaAeA@e AaAaAeA ces relations grAaAaAeAcce AaAaAeA l'engagement personnel des de d'Etat qui œuvrent AaAaAeA leur confAaAaAeA@rer un caractAaAaAeA?
Il est nAaAaAeA@ dans le sillage de la dynam lancAaAaAeA@e par la refonte du systAaAaAeA?
Developer Niantic has updated "PokAaAaAeA@mon Go" and has added its new dynam weather system that allows the game to adapt to real life weather conditions.
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Cloud computing data are massive, heterogeneous, non deterministic characteristics, need to adopt effective data management technology to analyze and process the data and information, build a distributed data storage system is highly available and scalable, the cloud computing system in data management technology is mainly Google GFS, BigTable, MapReduce data management technology and the Amazon Dynam.
They now have to come at us and we'll see what way they set up,"o th cha dynam said Fagan.
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He was further found guilty of being in possession of Pro Dynam and Phenylarthrite without a vet prescription.
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A notice of appearance on behalf of the defendant was filed July 10 by attorneys Mark Dynam and Matthew Wood of Dynam & Associates PS of Tacoma.