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A city of western Albania on the Adriatic Sea. Founded as a Greek colony c. 625 bc, it is the country's chief seaport.


(Placename) a port in W Albania, on the Adriatic. Pop: 114 000 (2003 est). Italian name: Duraz Ancient names: Epidamnus or Dyrrachium


(ˈdʊər əs)

a seaport in W Albania, on the Adriatic: important ancient city. 217,000. Italian, Durazzo.
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Noun1.Durres - port city in western Albania on the AdriaticDurres - port city in western Albania on the Adriatic
Albania, Republic of Albania - a republic in southeastern Europe on the Adriatic coast of the Balkan Peninsula
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1287a] We will next consider the absolute monarch that we have just mentioned, who does everything according to his own will: for a king governing under the direction of laws which he is obliged to follow does not of himself create any particular species of government, as we have already said: for in every state whatsoever, either aristocracy or democracy, it is easy to appoint a general for life; and there are many who entrust the administration of affairs to one person only; such is the government at Dyrrachium, and nearly the same at Opus.
When the action of the civil war moved to Greece in 48 BC, Caesar constructed a blockade around the camp of Pompey at Dyrrachium and the latter reacted by constructing a corresponding inner line of defence.
and called Dyrrachium, now Duress, Albania's main port.
Una inscripcion hallada en Dyrrachium se refiere a Diocleciano y Maximiano como <<diis genitis et deorum creatoribus>>, vease ILS I, 629, Dessau, H.