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MM3 Intelligent Sensors combine high resolution current and e-field waveform capture, load logging, load current and fault magnitude measurement, as well as momentary and disturbance tracking.
The market leader, SkimGuard ACTIVE, creates a huge 90mm-wide protective e-field around your wallet.
Since then the company has been progressing in the E-field.
IHLE-5A Series High Current Inductors with E-Field Shield - Provide 20dB Electric Field Reduction at 1cm for Automotive Applications
Also included in the set are the SX-E 03, an E-field probe for frequencies between 1 GHz and 10 GHz with an electrode on the underside of the probe head sized approximately 4 x 4 mm; and the SX-R 3-1, an H-field probe for frequencies between 1 GHz and 10 GHz with a very small probe head to identify even the smallest components as a source of interference.
The changing e-field induces a changing magnetic field ("h-field," *D) into the page, since the signal propagates from left to right.
Timing precision of the PCSS switches, and therefore modules, have been shown to have less than 100 psec (1 sigma) uncertainty, from the laser output to either the PCSS current or e-field leading edge.
In this paper the effect of size of subject under exposure on SAR, E-Field strength and H-Field strength are simulated.
These so-called reference levels are related to the maximum allowed E-field for a given frequency and derived from limits to the maximum allowable body tissue temperature increase caused by the fields.
The forum discusses the latest developments in the e-field and taking corrective strategic measures in e-governments transformation, as well as developing a future roadmap.
When the LD was parallel with the E-field polarization, the PR-19 HT-oriented nanocomposites displayed average EM SE values of 3.
In this study we want to simulate a three layer human head model and compare the E-field strength and SAR distribution between this model and six and one human head model.