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Noun1.entrenching tool - a hand shovel carried by infantrymen for digging trenchesentrenching tool - a hand shovel carried by infantrymen for digging trenches
hand shovel - a shovel that is operated by hand
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The service provider is required to make available to the sdis, An e-tool for order management and for monitoring meals and billing.
Declared candidates in England, Wales and Scotland were sent more than 30,000 emails, using a PSC e-tool, by supporters of justice for Palestinians.
In addition, nearly 28,000 emails have been sent to Parliamentary candidates using a Palestine Solidarity Campaign e-tool, asking if they would support an immediate arms embargo on Israel if elected to Parliament in May, 2015.
Exclusive weight loss/weight management meal and e-tool sponsor South Beach Diet is guiding the women through their personal health and wellness transformation by helping them learn how to make better food choices, the importance of strategic snacking and how to fuel their bodies to take better care of themselves and those who rely on them.
Joint runners up were Tech Backpack, a journalism reporting e-tool that speeds up and simplifies digital storytelling, and Asly, a mobile SMS service providing consumers with information about the goods they buy and authenticating genuine products versus falsified products.
A must have for any outdoor enthusiast; the Glock E-Tool (shovel] is an innovative entrenching tool with a surface-treated blade, which can be locked in three positions for multiple uses.
DAU went on to Web-enable essential acquisition guidebooks and charts, including the Program Manager's e-Tool Kit, the Defense Acquisition Guidebook, the Integrated Defense AT&L Life Cycle Management Chart, and the Contract Pricing Reference Guides soon to be launched.
The results showed me that my students wanted more from the e-tool we used as part of our e-project, they wanted to communicate and interact more with their e-peers through e-tasks which complemented their face to face classes.
I held the E-tool down out of sight and leaned against the off-side of the jeep.
Carnival's new group e-tool allows agents to perform functions quickly and efficiently online in lieu of using a phone.
The Enterprise Club has given them access to a range of support services one of which is the opportunity to buy a high quality low-cost e-tool to build a website www.
This e-tool provides an additional way to look for premises or sites for those businesses with internet access.