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intr.v. tel·e·com·mut·ed, tel·e·com·mut·ing, tel·e·com·mutes
To work at home using a computer connected to the network of one's employer.

tel′e·com·mut′er n.
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(Computer Science) another name for teleworking
ˈtelecomˌmuter n
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(ˈtɛl ɪ kəˌmyu tɪŋ)

the act or practice of working at home using a computer terminal electronically linked to one's place of employment.
tel′e•com•mut`er, n.
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Noun1.telecommuting - employment at home while communicating with the workplace by phone or fax or modemtelecommuting - employment at home while communicating with the workplace by phone or fax or modem
employment, work - the occupation for which you are paid; "he is looking for employment"; "a lot of people are out of work"
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práce z domova přes počítač
hálózatról dolgozás
práca doma na počítači
bilgisayar ağıyla evden çalışma


[ˈtelɪkəmˌjuːtɪŋ] Nteletrabajo m, trabajo m a distancia
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[ˌtɛlikəˈmjuːtɪŋ] ntélétravail m
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nTelearbeit f
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(ˈtelikəˌmjuːt) verb
to work from home by using a computer terminal that is linked to one's place of employment.
ˈteleˌcommuting noun
ˈtelecommuter noun
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The e-work permits system was part of a series of e-services provided by the Ministry to keep abreast of the digital transformation project, which contributed to increasing productivity and accuracy in completing transactions and reducing the number of visitors to the Ministry.
The cabinet approved Budget Strategy Paper and regulation of Public Procurement Legal Framework, while the Chief Minister directed for introducing e-building, e-billing and e-work order at all public departments for transparency.
The system provides several advantages including the conversion of paper work to e-work which includes a database of more than 4,300 registered and approved companies by the Tender Board which spare efforts for the various government agencies, those in charge of tendering projects and decision-makers, as well as local and international companies so that there will be one gate used by all government institutions and all the local and international companies.
At present, the regulation says companies that don't apply for e-work permits and employment contracts within 60 days will be fined.
Mr Al Emadi also suggested setting up e-work teams to exchange parliamentary information and promote communication among assembly members.
The memorandum covers eight aspects of cooperation: e-work, joint economic studies of mutual interest, inspection, monitoring and commercial protection, international relations (investments and exports), quality, excellence and training, strategic planning, business events and activities, as well as cooperation in legislation.
The emergence of e-culture, e-education, e-governance, e-training, e-work sites and so on questioned the capacity of conventional face to face education in catering to all and relevance of existing job related skills to a great extent in the emerging global society.
The position results primarily from the successful product offering of e-Work over the years, but it is also buoyed by the CommerceQuest Traxion B2B strengths, which we expect Metastorm to build into e-Work.
AMTI turned to Metastorm's e-Work business process management suite to remedy the issue.
Through the partnership Metastorm will embed the iGrafx Process software into its e-Work BPM software suite to deliver advanced modelling and simulation capabilities.
Worldwide Computer Products News-11 October 2004-Metastorm announces e-Work Insight(C)1995-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Metastorm, a provider of Business Process Management software for automating, managing and controlling processes and Hyperion (Nasdaq:HYSL), the global leader in Business Performance Management, has announced a partnership in which Metastorm will integrate Hyperion Intelligence software into Metastorm's e-Work software to deliver personalized dashboards and advanced reporting and analysis capabilities to customers.