E. H. Harriman

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Noun1.E. H. Harriman - United States railway tycoon (1848-1909)E. H. Harriman - United States railway tycoon (1848-1909)
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Of all brokers, the one who finally accomplished most by telephony was unquestionably E. H. Harriman. In the mansion that he built at Arden, there were a hundred telephones, sixty of them linked to the long-distance lines.
As a businessman Harriman enjoyed some success, but he never measured up to the stature of his tycoon father, E. H. Harriman. So he turned to other pursuits, first polo, then public service.
E. H. Harriman was a master railroader and a brilliant financier, not the swindling monopolist his contemporaries thought, and his career offers a model for American businesspeople today.