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Noun1.E. L. Doctorow - United States novelist (born in 1931)
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The tall, sandy-haired Bernstein was president of Random House from 1966 to 1990, when authors included Toni Morrison, James Michener and E.L. Doctorow. He also helped found Helsinki Watch, Human Rights Watch and other organizations.
THE MUSICAL RAGTIME, like the panoramic E.L. Doctorow novel it's based on, is set in an America of over a century ago.
Doctorow at Heidelberg." E.L. Doctorow: A Democracy of Perception: A Symposium with and on E.L.
Brendan Mathews's first novel, The World of Tomorrow, is admirably fearless, daring to tread territory staked by no less than E.L. Doctorow's finest work, the 1985 novel-cum-memoir World's Fair.
As an undergraduate and graduate student, I kept the obligatory English major notebook of favorite quotations, a favorite being E.L. Doctorow's "how do you know what you know until you've written it?" So often it is in the process of writing and revising essays that students begin the real work of self-discovery.
Canin goes on to quote E.L. Doctorow. "He said writing a novel is like driving at night in the fog.
Newsom's albums--including Divers, her first in five years--move through time like an E.L. Doctorow novel, spinning grand inspirations from literature and history into music that feels personal even when there is uncertainty about what she is actually singing about.
Or put practically: "The three most important documents a free society gives are a birth certificate, a passport, and a library card" (E.L. Doctorow).
E.L. Doctorow, the author of historical novels that were adapted into feature films including "Billy Bathgate," "Daniel" and "Ragtime," died July 21 in Manhattan.
The mysterious initials in E.L. Doctorow's namewhat do they stand for?
L'ecrivain americain E.L. Doctorow, connu pour ses fictions historiques, dont [beaucoup moins que] Ragtime [beaucoup plus grand que], [beaucoup moins que] Billy Bathgate [beaucoup plus grand que] et [beaucoup moins que] The March [beaucoup plus grand que], est decede mardi dernier a l'age de 84 ans, a annonce le New York Times.