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Noun1.E. O. Wilson - United States entomologist who has generalized from social insects to other animals including humans (born in 1929)
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The concept of biophilia was revealed in 1953 by E.
With vivacious writing and thoughtful, provocative insights, Losos' captivating study of evolution deserves to be read alongside the books of E.
According to the Pulitzer Prize winning biologist E.
When we're talking about habitat, in a state with the most endangered species, we need to be thinking about what E.
An example of such thinking can be found in the writings of E.
In the journal Nature in 2010, Martin Nowak, Corina Tarnita, and E.
Finally, with respect to contemporary sociology, I would suggest that the debates over sociobiology surrounding E.
This movement is the brainchild of Michael Soule, the founder of conservation biology and the peer of E.
And we should see that as a powerful generating force for what we are," E.
While the current mass extinction might in reality not be that bad--only time will tell--eminent Harvard biologist E.
Such behavior has been the essential interest of sociobiologists, chief among them E.
Besides the four lectures, Disk 1 includes two brief introductory talks : E.