propionic acid

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pro·pi·on·ic acid

An oily liquid acid, C3H6O2, found naturally in sweat, in milk products, and as a product of bacterial fermentation. Prepared synthetically from ethyl alcohol and carbon monoxide, it is used chiefly in the form of its propionates as a mold inhibitor in bread and as an ingredient in perfume. Also called propanoic acid.

[Greek pro-, first; see pro-2 + Greek pīōn, fat (from the fact that it is first in order among the fatty acids); see peiə- in Indo-European roots + -ic.]
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propionic acid

(Elements & Compounds) the former name for propanoic acid
[C19: from Greek pro- first + pionic from piōn fat, because it is first in order of the fatty acids]
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pro′pi•on′ic ac′id

(ˈproʊ piˈɒn ɪk, ˌproʊ-)

a colorless, oily, water-soluble liquid, C3H6O2, having a pungent odor: used in making bread-mold-inhibiting propionates and as a topical fungicide.
[1850–55; pro-2 + Greek pion- (s. of píōn) fat + -ic]
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