butylated hydroxyanisole

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bu·tyl·at·ed hy·drox·y·an·i·sole

 (byo͞ot′l-ā′tĭd hī-drŏk′sē-ăn′ĭ-sōl′)


butylated hydroxyanisole: the antioxidant C11H16O2, used to retard rancidity in products containing fat or oil.
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Figure 1a shows the hardware system setup, where a FLIR E320 infrared camera and a monocular camera are placed in stereo configuration using a tripod and a support bracket.
A manufacturer of geophysical surveying trucks, facing a need to provide a winch drive for lowering a sensitive scanner into Arctic-region boreholes up to 3,000 m deep, launched a search for a suitably robust, reliable and accurate clutch and found the solution in the model E320 VAR04 tooth clutch from Warner Electric division of Altra Industrial Motion.
NEW EUROSTAR TRAIN E320 UNVEILED (EPA) - Nicolas Petrovic, the Chief Executive of Eurostar poses for photographs in front of the new Eurostar train e320 at Kings Cross St.
She also used a credit union employee to fraudulently obtain disability insurance from CUNA Mutual Insurance against a $34,000 Community CU auto loan she and her husband used to buy a Mercedes E320 Sport and another Community CU $40,000 auto loan she and her husband used purchase a Hummer H2 in March 2007, documents showed.
UKTI will exhibit at Stand Number E320 during the event and local, national and international representatives will be available for meetings with UK companies wishing to learn more about what UKTI does more about who UKTI knows in a particular sector in a particular market.
Then the even cleaner diesel was launched in 2009, when the AdBlue exhaust gas after-treatment system was made available on the ML320 BlueTEC, GL320 BlueTEC, and R320 BlueTEC, with the "320" being the same V6 turbodiesel found in the E320 BlueTEC, but in this case, the engine had gone from the sedan to the SUV lineup.
The report also cited that the phone will be debuted in countries like Russia and China in mid May with a price tag of E320.
During questioning, the suspects confessed to stealing five cars at gunpoint: a Volkswagen in Karantina, an E320 Mercedes from Sadd al-Boushrieh, a 520 BMW from Dawra, a 2011 Range Rover from Rabieh and a FX35 Infiniti from the Nahr area, in addition to mugging several residents of Beirut and Mount Lebanon.
The winners of all open races will receive a minimum of EUR500, while minimum win money for A1 will be EUR400, A2 EUR350 and A3 E320.
Other motorists managed to swerve past him at the last moment, but Sheikh Munim-Ashad, who was doing an estimated 84mph at the time in his brother's Mercedes E320, did not.
The fleet includes a Mercedes E320 CDI and Mercedes C200, eight BMW 320 cars, two 118 models and one BMW 520, a VW Touran, Audi A6 and VW Golf.