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or Eccles.,



or eccles.,

1. ecclesiastic.
2. ecclesiastical.
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el proceso de ECCL contribuye en la competitividad de las empresas hoteleras ya que les ha posibilitado entre otros aspectos mejorar procesos y estandares, productividad de la empresa, calidad del servicio, atencion de las necesidades y expectativas de los clientes, disminuir quejas, definir perfiles de cargos, orientar procesos de capacitacion y el aprendizaje permanente, resaltando la importancia del talento humano como factor clave para lograrlo (Perez, 2013, p.
ECCL is limited to one side of the cranium, the face, and brain.
The sebaceous nevus syndrome and ECCL may thus be a continuum of phenotype expression
OCC syndrome and ECCL share, as well, many clinical features.
Capitalizing on recent technological innovations, the ECCL would connect conservatives with all aspects of their ideology--paleo-, neo-, libertarian--and concerns--social, economic, religious.
Electronic scanners, CD-ROM technology, and the Internet would permit the immediate proliferation of hundreds of thousands of pages of materials through the ECCL and Web sites the world over.
The ECCL would purchase 2,000 first-rank conservative books to scan and post on its Web site as downloadable files, beginning with those works now in the public domain.