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or Eccles.,



or eccles.,

1. ecclesiastic.
2. ecclesiastical.
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Valiant battle in the arena of ideas is no substitute for "the spiritual power of the Redeemer," for, apart from God, "all is vanity and a chasing after the wind" (Eccl. 1:14).
Under the watch of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf no attempt was made to set up the ECCL. Now that she is no longer in power, Johnson Sirleaf said recently: "There is no way that we can overlook peoples' quest for justice.
Graham Moffat, ECCL's legal adviser, said: "[the new group] started off because ELF asked for fund-raisers, and the four in the fund-raising group really stepped up to the mark.
All the AKI non-survivors had ECCL below 50% and all had autonomic instability.
The fact that materialism brings life dissatisfaction is explained partially by the "effective expectations" (Sirgy 1998) or "the foolishness of thinking" (Eccl. 5:0) regarding money, fact that enlarges the gap between what we have and what we want.
The mean eCCL values of all subjects calculated with the formula of Schwartz (119 [+ or -] 19 (92-236) mL/min/1.73 [m.sup.2]) was normal but mildly reduced after calculation with the Cockcroft-Gault formula (89 [+ or -] 21 (70-174) mL/min/1.73 [m.sup.2]).
(40) Socrates Scholasticus also writes (Eccl. Hist.
Eccl. Reg., expetens declarationem nullitatis sui matrimonii <<a norma del can.
Thus, Ginsberg interpreted [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] in Eccl. 8:1 as meaning "an angry face," based on etymological comparisons with Akkadian; Avishur has noted Akkadian parallels to [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] meaning anger in Ps.
The Bible says: "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven." (Eccl. 3:1) The time is now; the season is now; the activity is righteous.