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1. educated.
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See generally Linda Darling-Hammond, Teacher Quality and Student Achievement: A Review of State Policy Evidence, 8 EDUC.
FED'N OF TEACHERS, THE IMPACT OF COLLECTIVE BARGAINING ON TEACHER TRANSFER RATES IN URBAN HIGHPOVERTY SCHOOLS 24-25 (2006); see generally Lora Cohen-Vogel & La'Tara Osborne-Lampkin, Allocating Quality: Collective Bargaining Agreements and Administrative Discretion Over Teacher Assignment, 43 EDUC.
Undergraduate students enrolled in EDUC-340 Human Growth and Development and EDUC 310 Foundations of Education classes participated in this study.
A procedural handout on how to set up Blogger accounts was given to students in both EDUC 214 and EDUC 302 and was reviewed in class by the instructors.
We use three measures of the inequality of public school per pupil revenues across a state's school districts: the coefficient of variation (STATE EDUC SPEND COEF OF VAR), the Gini coefficient (STATE EDUC SPEND GINI COEF), and the natural logarithm of the ratio of spending at the 95th percentile to spending at the 5th percentile (STATE EDUC SPEND 95/5) (14) With state fixed effects, these variables pick up changes over time in spending inequality, which could be due to legislative initiative or to court-mandated reform.
On 13 November, the CoR's EDUC commission unanimously adopted a draft opinion prepared by Frank Zimmermann (PES/Germany), Member of the Berlin House of Representatives, on the European Commission's ambitious plan to complete the telecoms single market and deliver a "Connected Continent".
1974; Honolulu, HI EDUC U of Hawaii, Liberal Arts, '96 MIL.
1942; Appleton, WI EDUC U of Wisconsin, BS; Marquette U, MEd, Ph.
5/16/1938; Dayton, ell EDUC, Humboldt State College, Educational Institute of the American Hotel & Motel Assn.
EDUC, U of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, Bachelors of Commerce, '78; U of San Francisco, MBA, '98
Honolulu, HI EDUC McKinley HS, HI, '37; U of Hawaii, BA, Bus.
1/1/49; Tokyo, Japan EDUC Ikubunka HS, Tokyo, Japan, 1967; Northrup Institute of Technology, Los Angeles, Aerospace Engineering, 1974 MIL.