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energy efficiency ratio.



adv. Chiefly Literary.


a noun-forming suffix occurring orig. in loanwords from French (buccaneer; mutineer; pioneer) and productive in the formation of English nouns denoting persons who produce, handle, or are otherwise associated with the referent of the base word (auctioneer; engineer; mountaineer; pamphleteer); now frequently pejorative (profiteer; racketeer). Compare -ary, -er2, -ier2.
[< French, Middle French -ier (Old French < Latin -ārius -ary as suffix of personal nouns); in some nouns replacing earlier suffixes (see engineer, charioteer) or the French suffix -aire -aire (see musketeer, volunteer)]
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It was a bad winter; and, of course, these mountain- eers do get fits of home sickness; and a state of de- pression would make him vulnerable.
The Office EER and the Industrial EER are both comprised completely of voluntarily reported data from property owners and managers.
And if the typos arise with your rater or a reviewer, then you must "manage up" to ensure your EER is error-free.
In addition, the recent improvements in compressors technology and optimization of heat exchangers pushed the EER to higher values, reaching as high as 18 (Energy Star, 2016).
1-2013 was assumed, using the higher EER and lower IPLV option for Path B, effective Jan.
The commercial real estate industry has been slow to emerge from the shadow of the recession, but the latest data from BOMA International's 2015 Office EER shows positive signs of growth for the office sector," commented BOMA International Chair Kent C.
Similar to EER, in the case of heating, COP value is calculated by dividing heating capacity (kW) by electricity consumption (kW).
Clearly some offset of the capacity disagreement was compensated for in the EER ratio (condensing unit power ratio) and matched system SEER.
Department of Energy, national appliance standards require room air conditioners to have an EER of 8.
EER perskaiciuojamas ivertinant cirkuliacinio siurblio ir ventiliatoriniu konvektoriu elektros sanaudas:
The EER award is open to all EU regions with the political mandate to draw up and implement their own strategy for boosting entrepreneurship.