Escherichia coli

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Esch•e•rich•i•a co•li

(ˌɛʃ əˈrɪk i ə ˈkoʊ laɪ)

a species of rod-shaped, facultatively anaerobic bacteria in the large intestine of humans and other animals, sometimes pathogenic.
[< New Latin, after T. Escherich (1857–1911), German physician; see -ia, coliform]
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Noun1.Escherichia coli - a species of bacterium normally present in intestinal tract of humans and other animals; sometimes pathogenic; can be a threat to food safety
escherichia - a genus of enteric bacteria
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M -- pre-stained protein ladder, L1-ETEC, L2-- EHEC, L3--EPEC, L4--EAEC, L4--EPEC, L5-- Salmonella typhimurium, L6 -- Listeria monocytogenes, L7-- Proteus vulgaris, L8-- Klebsiella pneumonia
However, the virulence genotype(s) of the enterohaemorrhagic subset, EHEC, has not been fully defined and STEC strains are designated as EHEC mainly based on clinical associations.
Here, we report an offense-defense mechanism that occurs during EHEC O:157 infection of the epithelium and show that NleF inhibits inflammatory cell death mediated by caspase-4.
coli strains, certain EHEC strains within the serotypes O157:H7 and O104:H4 are more acid resistant than generic E.
Escherichia coli enterohemorragica EHEC. Disponible:
En effet, suite a la signature, jeudi dernier, d'une convention entre l'Ansej et l'Ecole des hautes etudes commerciales (EHEC) situee a Kolea, la cinquantieme maison d'entrepreunariat vient de voir le jour.
Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC) are one of the zoonotic pathogens that can be transmitted to the abattoir workers.
It occurs after acute gastroenteritis which develops with enterohemorrhagic E.coli (EHEC) which produces Shiga-toxin or Shigella dysenteria.
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