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(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) intelligence gathered by using electronic sensors to intercept electromagnetic signals, such as radio signals, from other countries
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Noun1.ELINT - intelligence derived from electromagnetic radiations from foreign sources (other than radioactive sources)
SIGINT, signals intelligence - intelligence information gathered from communications intelligence or electronics intelligence or telemetry intelligence
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Flying an aircraft with this degree of sophistication close to Russian territory may have prompted the USAF and the RAF, which will operate the F-35B variant of the aircraft from later this decade, to perform ELINT collection to see how Russia's Integrated Air Defence (IADS) system, notably its ground-based air surveillance radars and the radio communications which tie an IADS together, reacted to the deployment of such an aircraft.
Its various ELINT processing capabilities will ensure commanders and their forces are provided the most timely and accurate enemy missile, radar, and ground dispositions.
Attendees will learn first hand about ELINT by working exercises designed to bring out the practical aspects of the theories presented.
It is a wideband digital reception technique, which is the core of the RESM that enables it to double as an ELINT system.
The spent SL-16 rocket bodies that boost this class of ELINT are also highly visible, though their ground tracks are more spread out than those of the satellites themselves.
The BroadFlex-3800 series of ELINT and COMINT data recorders provides a compact solution for a wide variety of airborne and shipboard applications, DSPCon said.
The 98J operational ELINT skills and positions will transfer to the revised 98C MOS while the 98J technical ELINT skills and positions transfer to the newly created 98Y (Signals Collector/Analyst) MOS.
This antenna is an ideal reflector feed element, and is also suitable for a range of applications such as ELINT, SIGINT, RWR and DF systems.
As this compendium has illustrated, airborne ELINT and EW practitioners are dealing with a radio spectrum which has, in many parts of the world, unprecedented density.
The board's low power consumption of <5W makes it suitable for high-density data storage applications such as detailed maps, large databases, radar or sonar images, and software programmable radio ELINT data.
The IBS series can be customized to meet special applications such as EW threat and target simulators, surveillance, radar, antenna measurements, SIGINT, COMENT, ELINT and flight line ATE.