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n.1.An uncle.
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Briefly, EME is an API that lets browsers and other applications communicate directly with digital rights management (DRM) systems, replacing the functionality that plugins like Flash and Silverlight previously performed.
For the EME and COV detectors, there are also three operating regions of ST with similar characteristics as EG by replacing the subscript 'EG' with 'EME' and 'COV', respectively, in the [[lambda].
On the other hand, the study of EME generated by fracture of composites, though there has been some research in the past [1-3], has not been progressed this far.
Below we give a brief characterization of the region and of the relevant earthquakes swarms, as well as the description of the EME measurements, their processing and the judgement of the results.
The DON is concerned about protecting the EME for the same reasons it protects air, water and land.
In a statement, EME President Pedro Pizarro called the bankruptcy filing "an important first step in the process to reduce our debt, enhance our liquidity profile and position EME for continued operation.
Brand new the EME now features the "Tractor-Trailer On Board Charging Option.
EME is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Edison International (EIX; IDR 'BBB'; Outlook Stable).
On the playback side, EME works by incorporating what's called a content decryption module, or CDM, into the browser or mobile operating system.
5m and of which USD273m is associated with assets designated as non-core assets under the asset purchase agreement signed by both companies on 18 October 2013, the company mentioned and added that the acquisition and contemplated transactions will be consummated under an EME Chapter 11 plan of reorganisation, with each of EME's major stakeholders agreeing to support and pursue the plan, sponsored by NRG.
The British firm, however, said there is no certainty that EME will make an actual firm offer.
Rumors of a possible Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing have swirled around EME for much of this year.