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The purpose of this study is to examine and assess the viability of the NC EMPT as an early warning indicator of college performance by studying the mathematical performance and six year graduation rates of former high school NC EMPT test-takers once they enter one of the UNC constituent universities.
For this study, the 2001-2004 data was matched to University of North Carolina General Administration (UNC-GA) records in order to ascertain the performance of NC EMPT participants who moved on to a university in the UNC system.
These social security numbers provided the only available link in data between NC EMPT and UNC-GA.
The college-level data was matched to the NC EMPT data to gain overall scores and item-by-item scores.
Therefore, we are left with 3566 students who completed the NC EMPT test and began their freshman year at ECU.
Statistical analysis of the current data consists of a mixture of t-tests to examine quantitative measures between those that do and do not pass the NC EMPT and Fisher's Exact Tests to compare categorical outcomes between the two groups.
Listed below are the descriptive statistics for the overall score on each student's EMPT test.
Statistical testing via Fisher's Exact Test indicates a significant association between failing the EMPT and enrolling in the remedial course at ECU (p< 0.