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v. t.1.To emulate.
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While Peer-to-peer (P2P) networks such as Gnutella, eDonkey and eMule remain popular more sophisticated offenders have moved to the deep web however, taking advantage of the anonymity provided by the likes of Tor, which made the news recently when one of its largest and most infamous websites, (https://www.
Les nombreuses mentions de la sensibilite d'Aline en font une emule du modEle rousseauiste de Julie.
Boucher also said that as recently as a few days before, he had used eMule, another file-sharing application, to download a child pornography video belonging to the "Vicky" series.
Oppure, per l'appunto, si usa eMule, torrent o si digita il titolo direttamente in google-video, youtube o nei portali di video-streaming.
For home environments, the TS-x19P II series can stream multimedia content to UPnP-compliant home devices, act as a 24/7 download center via BT/FTP/HTTP and eMule protocols, and is remotely accessible by iOS and Android handheld devices.
After analyzing the different functionalities composing a full featured file sharing service and their locations within the overall distributed architecture, the book describes the design choices, components, and algorithms at the core of the eMule and BitTorrent file sharing applications.
Em todo o mundo sao utilizados programas de trocas de arquivos, tais como Kazaa, eMule ou LimeWire, que permitem a busca e o arquivo de cancoes ou mesmo de albuns completos.
lt;p>It's known that affiliates use a variety of methods to get malware installed on each victim's machine, which include exploiting peer-to-peer networks such as BitTorrent and eMule.
A typical solution allows the insertion of meta-information and meta-keys extracted from the query string (such as in eMule (1) with Kademlia support).
The latest pp2008 adopts an independently developed p2p protocol, which is compatible with http/ftp, Bit Torrent and eMule protocols.
There are all the pipes that go into your home, and then there's all the stuff on your screen--from e-mail to eMule.