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1. end of message
2. end of month


or E.O.M.,

end of the month.


End of message
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In the period 6 November to 7 December, the EU EOM noted the National Election Commission (NEC) was faced with numerous complaints from various candidates across the country.
Lambsdorff, who is also a vice president of the European Parliament, told the press conference here at the end of his five-day visit to Myanmar that EU EOM is impartial, independent and does not interfere in the electoral process.
According to the foreign ministry statement, the EU ambassadors thanked the Egyptian side for facilitating the duty of the EOM.
The firm said that its new SPX EOM options will feature European-style exercise, meaning that the contracts can only be exercised on the last trading day at expiration.
The EU EOM Preliminary Statement issued on 13 May and the results of the EU EOM's media monitoring can be found on the mission's website.
Armenian state police including regional police directors for the support given to OSCE/ODIHR EOM during the recent presidential
1) assessing the germ-killing efficacy of rinsing twice daily with an EOM by determining the levels of oral bacteria in the bloodstream resulting from an induced bacteremia event, and
More and more the EOMs reflect the true meaning of one of the central lines of action of our Organization, which is to reinforce the institution of democracy in our region," explains OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza.
These graphs are based on some over simplified assumptions (8) but they clearly indicate how the direction of action of an EOM varies with direction of gaze.
Abdallah said that the EU EOM chief observer will stay in Sudan till next Friday and will return to join her team in the last stages of the elections.
The EU EOM has checked all the uploaded publicly preliminary results on the IEC's website implementing the triggers established by the IEC.