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When these resources include electronic technology, the PSS becomes an electronic performance-support system (EPSS).
Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS) can be used to assist educators during the design of lessons (Liu, 2005; Wild, 2008) and curricula (Juang, Liu, & Chan, 2005; McKenney, 2008; Wang, Nieveen, & van den Akker, 2007).
Physicians from EPSs were informed on the objectives and benefits of the pharmaceutical monitoring study and of the importance of their active participation in the program to offer complete patient care.
LVPWd, LVPWs, IVSd, IVSs and EPSS noted were also significantly different (P<0.05) from healthy dogs.
2011) existing work on operational EPSs has focused on nonpolar regions.
Quanto as limitacoes desta revisao, destacam-se a dificuldade em encontrar documentos com os criterios de acreditacao e diretrizes das EPSs e estudos com metodologia bem definida de avaliacao das acoes das EPSs credenciadas e/ou que utilizassem os devidos descritores.
In addition to situations such as: lack of contracts, hiring each service with different IPS, the containment of expenses by the Health Promoting Entities -Entidades Promotoras de Salud (EPSs)-, denial of services, fragmentation towards payment responsibility, obstacles in hiring staff and financial risk transference to the providers; generating: collapsed services, limitation of medical autonomy, partial resolution of health problems.
California was the first to have its government organization put minimum legal requirements on the energy efficiency of the EPSs, which historically had poor efficiency.
Databases/clinical I do not know what tools Yes No this resource is AccessMedicine ACP Clinical Practice Guidelines ACP Immunization Advisor AFP by Topic AIDSinfo Mobile American Academy of Family Physicians ASCVD Browzine Calculate by QxMD Canopy Medical Translator CDC Citrix ClinicalKey Clinical Pharmacology DailyMed DynaMed Embryo Epocrates Basic ePSS Figure 1 GoodRX Kindle LactMed LexiComp MDCalc Medical Letter MedlinePlus Medscape MicroMedex Omnio PHPartners Prognosis PubMedMobile Read by QxMD TouchSurgery TOXNET Mobile UpToDate UWorld USMLE WebMD for iPads YouTube What additional databases or clinical tools would you like to see on the iPad for your use?
Various extracellular compounds such as exopolysaccharides (EPSs), lipopolysaccharides (LPSs), flagella, quorum-sensing signals and environment play a vital role in the biofilm development (Bogino et al., 2013).