exchange-traded fund

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ex·change-trad·ed fund

n. Abbr. ETF
An index fund whose shares trade continuously on a securities exchange and allow investors to speculate on the performance of the market or sector represented by the fund's assets without the restrictions of traditional mutual funds.
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ETFS can be more tax-efficient than mutual funds because they are structured to accommodate in-kind trading, so investor redemptions typically don't represent taxable events, nor do they result in year-end capital gains.
ETFS also offer complete transparency in terms of holdings and weightings, something many investors appreciate with Wall Street collapses and the Madoff scandal still fresh on their minds, says McRedmond.
ETFS launched the world's first Commodity ETC platform in Europe between 2003 and 2006 accumulating over $15.
The ETFS 3x Daily Long DAX 30 and ETFS 3x Daily Short DAX 30 enable investors to participate in the positive and inverse performance of Germany's 30 largest stock corporations with a leverage factor of three.