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var. of tele-1: telesthesia.


var. of teleo-: telencephalon.


1. telegram.
2. telegraph.
3. telephone.
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رَقْم التِّلفون
telefonní číslo
telefono numeris
telefona numurs
telefónne číslo


abbr of telephone (number) → Tel.
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written abbreviation
telephone number.
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However, based on current literature, a panel with the following genes will most likely be informative in clinical assessment for most of the myeloid neoplasms: FLT3, NPM1, CEBPA, TP53, IDH1/2, DNMT3A, TET2, CSF3R, SRSF2, KIT, NRAS, RUNX1, WT1, ASXL1, SF3B1 for AML; NRAS, KRAS, IDH1/2, TET2, EZH2, ASXL1, RUNX1, TP53, DNMT3A, SF3B1, U2AF1, ETV6 for MDS; JAK2, CALR, MPL, IDH1/2, ASXL1, TET2, EZH2, SRSF2, SF3B1, TP53 for MPN; TET2, SRSF2, ASXL1, RUNX1, NRAS, TP53 for CMML; SF3B1 for MD/MPN RS-T; CSF3R for CNL, SETBP1 for aCML, KIT (D816V) for mast cell disease.
ETV6 is genetically unstable and fuses not only with NTRK3 but also with other genes, including ABL1, EGFR3, PAX5, SYK and JAK2 in leukaemia, myelodysplastic syndromes, and sarcomas (7).
Next-generation sequencing (NGS) studies revealed numerous genetic alterations including 6 pathogenic mutations in ASXL1, BCOR, CDKN2A, NF1, and TP53(x2) genes and 30 variants of unknown significance (VOUSs) in ABL1, ASXL1, ATM, BCOR, BCORL1, BRNIP3, CDH2, CDKN2A, DNMT3A, ETV6, EZH2, FBXW7, KIT, NF1, RUNX1, SETPB1, SF1, SMC1A, STAG2, TET2, TP53, and U2AF2 (Table 1).
Archival cytopathologic and histopathologic material was reviewed for cytologic and histologic features of cases with and without ETV6 rearrangement.
Mammary analogue secretory carcinoma of salivary glands: molecular analysis of 25 ETV6 gene rearranged tumors with lack of detection of classical ETV6-NTRK3 fusion transcript by standard RT-PCR: report of 4 cases harboring ETV6-X gene fusion.
However, ETV6 FISH is useful to make the diagnosis in difficult cases and to rule out the benign SGTs.
Breakage and fusion of the TEL (ETV6) gene in immature B lymphocytes induced by apoptogenic signals.
A key factor driving the leukaemia for one in four ALL patients is a mutation that causes two of their genes, ETV6 and RUNX1, to fuse together.