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Total December rainfall for Expt 1 was 166 mm, which was just below the 95th percentile for the site, although only 17 mm of this fell after the trial was sown.
The soil cores were initially wet up to 2 nominal plant-available moisture regimes of either relatively dry or relatively wet as established in Expt 1 (Table 1).
Source expertise (EXPT) is represented by past studies as the level of technical knowledge and skill possessed by the source, that is relevant to the performance feedback sought or being given (Ilgen, et al.
Expt I was run from October 13 to December 11, 2001 and Expt II from December 12, 2001 to February 6, 2002.
In Expt 1, participants were encouraged to use an absolute strategy by instructing them to compare the paintings with others they had encountered in their lives.
NE-136.USDA Forest Serv., Northeastern Forest Expt. Sta., Bromall, Pa.
Stability statistic([dagger]) [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE Genotype Mean [b.sub.i] IN ASCII] [r.sub.i] Karl 92 4.69 0.95 0.00 28.1 TAM 200 5.37 1.23(*) 0.41 30.3 Plainsman V 5.37 1.21(**) 0.12 29.9 Custer 5.84 0.87(**) 0.01 31.3 AGSECO 7853 5.53 0.98 1.05(**) 30.4 Arlin 2.63 1.11 1.28(**) 10.7 Rio Blanco 2.66 1.13(**) 0.00 9.7 KS84HW196 3.06 1.11 0.29 16.6 Expt. line 1 2.86 0.72(*) 0.80(**) 13.7 Expt.
The major differences were these: (1) replication - three controls and three treatments in Expt. I and Expt.
Fluxes of [N.sub.2]O and C[H.sub.4] were measured on 13 separate occasions during the crop growth as in Expt 4.
In Expt 2, each irrigation bay consisted of 39 furrows and was 2.13 ha (71 m wide by 300m long).
Experiment 1 replicates our previous work on detecting inhibition through analysis of error patterns using this different experimental design, and Expt 2 provides converging support for the presence of inhibition on prime trials through an analysis of naming latencies on target trials.