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n. Nautical
A short line attaching an upper corner of a sail to the yard.

[Perhaps from ear.]


(Nautical Terms) nautical a line fastened to a corner of a sail for reefing
[C17: from ear1 + -ing1 or perhaps ring1]


(ˈɪər ɪŋ)

a rope with a cringle, used for bending a corner of a sail to a yard, boom, or gaff or for reefing a sail.
References in classic literature ?
Captain Swosser used to say of me that I was always better than land a-head and a breeze a-starn to the midshipmen's mess when the purser's junk had become as tough as the fore-topsel weather earings.
A number of people come from smaller cities to Peshawar to make quick earings.
Pair your pink tops withA[degrees] white trousers or skirts and add an element of elegance with fancy white earings or bracelets to complete the cool statement.
This marks a decrease in earings when compared to a lower net loss of USD8.
Many shopkeepers have set up colourful stalls in the main markets like Minara Market, Ghareeb Abad bazaar, Shahi bazaar, Moti Gali, Chamta Gali and others offering different kinds of henna besides, cosmetics, earings, gleaming bangles, embroidered clothes, jewellery, handbags, shoes and colourful dresses.
Janet Parkin-Nash found a jewellery box and a safe emptied of all her bracelets, necklaces, earings and rings as she left to go on holiday to Spain just weeks before Christmas and called police on her return.
According to the shop owners at different markets, the artificial jewellery specially rings, earings, bracelets and chains are in now a days because firstly they are weightless and secondly they are affordable, therefore the sale of artificial jewellery continues throughout the year.
The look was completed with a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels, Paul Morelli ring and earings, and a pinky ring from Jacob.
Canada requires companies to use "mark to market" accounting -- put changes in investment portfolio in their earings.
I can't live without my hot pink earings I bought on a trip to France.
CassoBlax: Wagner was wearing Pat Butcher earings 3.