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Noun1.Earl Warren - United States jurist who served as chief justice of the United States Supreme Court (1891-1974)
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Earl Warren, who was Chief Justice of the United States in the 1960s, summed up the climactic environment in which sections of society feel alienated, neglected and kept down under thus: "Injustice alone can shake down the pillars of the skies and restore the reign of chaos and night.
The real Jim Garrison made a cameo appearance in the move as Judge Earl Warren.
1942: While running for governor of California, Earl Warren grudgingly agrees to try to soften his image by publishing a photo of his family.
Later, even in the era of Chief Justice Earl Warren, when the United States Supreme Court was in the vanguard of protecting civil rights and civil liberties, that didn't stop the New York Court of Appeals from deciding cases on an independent basis.
He served as law clerk to Justice Tom Clark and Chief Justice Earl Warren in the U.S.
Miranda was sentenced to 20-30 years on the basis of that confession, but Federal Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren ruled the interrogation to be in direct violation of the Fifth Amendment, and overturned the conviction.
A ten-month investigation led by Supreme Court chief justice Earl Warren concluded that Oswald, a former Marine who had lived in the Soviet Union, acted alone when he fired on Kennedy's motorcade, hitting the president with two shots, one through the upper back and the other in the head.
O'Malley is the first woman to serve as Alameda County's elected District Attorney, an office once led by Chief Justice Earl Warren. D.A.
Yet a major part of the reason for the rejection of the Democrats in 1968 had been the infamously liberal "Warren Court," led by then-Chief Justice Earl Warren. Buchanan recalled that while he was an editorialist for the St.
Two of them-the late Chief Justice Earl Warren and Justice William Brennan, both appointed by
Held on September 10th & 11th, 2016 at the Earl Warren Showgrounds, the Festival is the only one of its kind in Southern California, and one of three on the west coast, attracting thousands of sea glass lovers and art enthusiasts to the renowned coastal jewel of Santa Barbara.
Bring to Chief Justice Earl Warren 18 (1961) (available in the Earl Warren Papers, Box 218, file 9, at the Library of Congress) [hereinafter Bring Bench Memo],