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Noun1.Earl of Warwick - English statesman; during the War of the Roses he fought first for the house of York and secured the throne for Edward IV and then changed sides to fight for the house of Lancaster and secured the throne for Henry VI (1428-1471)
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See how a Christian can die," he said to his wild stepson, the Earl of Warwick, who came to say farewell to his stepfather.
FEAST OF SAINT CECILIA 1428: Richard Nevill, Earl of Warwick, so-called Kingmaker who was the power behind the throne during the Wars Of The Roses, was born.
His wife, Katherine, was the sister of the Earl of Warwick, Richard Neville, whose intrigues earned him the sobriquet "Kingmaker" and who is celebrated at Warwick Castle.
It was brought to England in the 19th century by the 3rd Earl of Warwick, as part of his interior decoration of Warwick Castle.
In 1766, British playwright Thomas Francklin produced the historical tragedy The Earl of Warwick (1766), an adaptation of French dramatist Jean-Francois de la Harpe's Le Compte de Warwick (1763).
Did the Earl of Warwick sneakily fight for both sides in the War of the Roses?
Kids can let their imaginations run riot as they wander around medieval ramparts and there's also the Kingmaker: Eve of Battle exhibition which explains how the Earl of Warwick prepared for war.
This was to change 11 years later when in 1869 the landscape gardener Robert Marnock was commissioned by the 4th Earl of Warwick to create a terrace and fern garden.
She believed that "if truth but triumphed and justice but prevailed," her brother would be recognized as the true Earl of Warwick (288), a title enjoyed by the Beauchamp family for several centuries, the 12th to the 15th.
The House of York's young and handsome Edward IV (Max Irons - Red Riding Hood, The Host) is crowned King of England with the help of master manipulator the Earl of Warwick "The Kingmaker" (James Frain - True Blood, The Tudors).
SIR - I agree with Adrian Jones (Letters, February 20), regarding the importance of the Battle of Edgcote, July 1469, when Welsh forces under the command of the Earl of Pembroke faced rebels from the North of England trying to depose the Yorkist King Edward IV in favour of the Earl of Warwick, the "King Maker".
Anne and her eldest sister Isabel were the daughters of Richard, Earl of Warwick, the Kingmaker.