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Noun1.Earl of Warwick - English statesman; during the War of the Roses he fought first for the house of York and secured the throne for Edward IV and then changed sides to fight for the house of Lancaster and secured the throne for Henry VI (1428-1471)
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He is probably to be identified with the Sir Thomas Malory who during the wars in France and the civil strife of the Roses that followed was an adherent of the Earls of Warwick and who died in
It is a bustling, lively little town; not very picturesque on the whole, it is true, but there are many quaint nooks and corners to be found in it, nevertheless - standing arches in the shattered bridge of Time, over which our fancy travels back to the days when Marlow Manor owned Saxon Algar for its lord, ere conquering William seized it to give to Queen Matilda, ere it passed to the Earls of Warwick or to worldly-wise Lord Paget, the councillor of four successive sovereigns.
The marcher lordship of Glamorgan in the 15th century was in the far more exalted hands of the earls of Warwick and Worcester, and later the crown.
It's the biggest room in the castle, with suits of armour and hand-made furniture built for the various Earls of Warwick.
Soup and hot dogs were kindly supplied by Earls of Warwick Cafe in Warwick, which was a welcome break for the helpers who found all sorts of rubbish, lling huge bin bags throughout the day.
oor duplex in the Earls of Warwick has outstanding views of both Mill Street and the famous forti?
He was not only Sir Henry Sidney's son but the nephew and heir of the Earls of Warwick and Leicester.
its unusual Ogee arched windows its bright white painted walls, The Old House certainly stands out, even the other period rural homes in the village of Salwarpe - includes Salwarpe Court, birthplace one of the Earls of Warwick.