early bird

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early bird

n. Informal
1. A person who arises early in the morning.
2. One that arrives or takes place early or before others.

[From the expression "The early bird catches the worm.".]

ear′ly-bird′ adj.
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early bird

informal a person who rises early or arrives in good time

Early Bird

(Astronautics) one of a number of communications satellites, the first of which was launched in 1965 into a stationary orbit and provided telephone channels between Europe and the US. See also Intelsat
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ear′ly bird`

1. a person who rises at an early hour.
2. a person who arrives before others.
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Noun1.early bird - a person who arrives early before others doearly bird - a person who arrives early before others do
arriver, comer, arrival - someone who arrives (or has arrived)
2.early bird - a person who gets up very early in the morning
riser - a person who rises (especially from bed); "he's usually a late riser"
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المُبَكّـر ، من يَسْبق غيره
prime à la réponse
korán kelõkoránkelő
morgunhani, árrisull maîur
ranný vtáčik
erken kalkan/davranan/gelen kimseerkenci


(ˈəːli) adverb
1. near the beginning (of a period of time etc). early in my life; early in the afternoon.
2. sooner than others; sooner than usual; sooner than expected or than the appointed time. He arrived early; She came an hour early.
1. belonging to, or happening, near the beginning of a period of time etc. early morning; in the early part of the century.
2. belonging to the first stages of development. early musical instruments.
3. happening etc sooner than usual or than expected. the baby's early arrival; It's too early to get up yet.
4. prompt. I hope for an early reply to my letter.
ˈearliness noun
early bird
someone who gets up early or who acts before others do.
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