Earth light

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(Astron.) the light reflected by the earth, as upon the moon, and corresponding to moonlight; - called also earth shine.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Colour coded the different group of elements, keeping in mind that our alkali metals would be blue, our alkali earth light green, our transitional metals yellow, our semi metals brown (or close to brown), our gaseous halogens light green alongside our noble gases and finally our two liquids at room temperature blue.
"It is also a fitting tribute to the former town crest of Ex Terra Lucem -out of the Earth light - which reflected our mining heritage."
The Chinese contributors study titania nanoribbons for lithium selective adsorption, alginate salt fibers, flue gas desulphurization, rare earth light conversion film, dye-sensitized solar cells, hydrogen storage, carbon nanofibers, and diamond composite films for thermal applications.
The Beckhams have featured in a couple of spy-on-the-wall documentaries which portrayed the couple in a down to earth light.
Philips' Earth Light line offers re-fillable decorative interior lights.
Coming out next year as an addition to its Earth Light line is the first screw-based, dimmable compact with no special wiring required.
Then for no reason on earth light batters in from all sides, fog like brainfire, stillness awakes.
Philips' Earth Light, a compact screw-in fluorescent bulb with an electronic ballast incorporated into its base, is one result of those changes.
Those products join Phillips' SL-17 Earth Light and the SLS line of compact fluorescent bulbs, which were introduced last summer.
Philips Lighting has concentrated its energy-saving efforts on the 18-watt Earth Light compact flourescent, sized to fit most standard fixtures and suitable for outdoor use.
Like GE and GTE, Philips is also offering a new line of consumer halogen bulbs and some specialty products: a post light, an Earth light and a bulb called the Watchman.