Earth metal

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(Chem.) See 1st Earth, 7. (Chem.)
- Sir J. Herschel.

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This patented new platform is based on surface engineering using hard particles, such as nano-engineered, multi-functional lubricant additive packages, including in the patent, synthetic diamond, cubic zirconia, silicone carbides, metal borides, metal carbides, metal nitrides, metal oxides, metal silicides, rare earth metal materials, carbon-based materials, and many more.
At present, the literatures on dispersed supported liquid membrane separating and migrating rare earth metal are rare.
My previous warnings about rare earth metal investment scams resulted in a company called Denver Trading threatening to sue.
It is comprised of perfume; at least one nonionic surfactant; at least one alkyl benzene sulfonate; at least one olefin sulfonate; and at least one inorganic alkali metal salt or alkaline earth metal salt.
Rare earth metal deposits do not play a significant role in the mining industry, according to the medium- and long-term mining industry development strategy 2014-2052 published on the website of the Ministry of Economy.
(JMC) to jointly pursue the reuse of a rare earth metal extracted from nickel-metal hydride batteries in hybrid vehicles for magnets of new hybrid vehicle motors.
USA Recycling Industries, Inc., Reading, Pa.,a scrap metals recycler servicing the automotive service center chain store industry with commercial customers throughout North America, has executed a Letter of Intent to acquire a 51% interest in the scrap metal auto parts export business of Earth Metal Scrap USA, Inc, a New York Metropolitan Area based export firm with trading facilities in India and Dubai.
Neodymium, a rare earth metal, is required to make the magnetic alloy Nd2Fe14B which has tremendous magnetic strength and is a key component of modern wind turbines.
Government planning a national mission on hybrid vehicles is positive for the rare earth metal industries like Lithium and this will be a potential investment sector for FDI.
BOBBI BROWN EARTH METAL LIP AND EYE PALETTE (pounds 48) Pricey but all you need with six shimmering eye shadows, four lip gloss, mirror and brushes.