n.1.(Mil.) A bag filled with earth, used commonly to raise or repair a parapet.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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class="MsoNormalThe three-bedroom house for the family of five is being constructed using earthbag technology, a method the designing architect, Mr Francis Gichuhi, says is the first of a kind to be used to put up a residential home in the country.
Essential Earthbag Construction: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide
Because of its malleability, cob is useful for leveling stem walls and other areas, making it a great tool to use in concert with earthbag, recycled concrete ("urbanite"), or other irregular foundation techniques.
Learn how to build inexpensive infrastructure, harness energy from the sun, manage an off-grid home, grow vegetables in tough conditions, preserve the harvest, build an earthbag root cellar, raise beginner's livestock, and so much more.
All proceeds for the track go to the Nepal Earthbag House Appeal, set up by Liverpool musician Chris Preston.
Good Earth Nepal provides aid to the Nepalese people through the construction of new homes and schools using sustainable, affordable and earthquake-resistant Earthbag technology developed by world renowned Dr.
Smith, as well as Earthbag Building by Kaki Hunter and Donald Kiffmeyer caught the attention of the customers of Fertile Ground bookstore in Toronto, and Serious Straw Bale by Paul Lacinski and Michel Bergeron, and Change the World for Ten Bucks were popular at Chat Noir Books in New Liskeard, Ontario.
The books call it "earthbag building." The locals christened it the "mud hut." I call it hard work.
They cover adobe, cob, rammed earth, earthbag, light-clay, straw-bale, hybrid, and bamboo.