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2. A melody or a portion of a piece of music that is involuntarily repeated in one's mind.

[Sense 2, translation of German Ohrwurm, earwig, (musical) earworm : Ohr, ear + Wurm, worm.]


(Pop Music) informal an irritatingly catchy tune
[C20: from German Ohrwurm earwig]
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Scientists call these songs earworms because they get stuck in your head and repeat on an endless loop.
Then there's that mournful ballad, Blue Moon, one of the most infectious earworms ever written.
When he isn't crooning about tragic love, or making Top 40 earworms with Rihanna, the singer is known to drop tracks about making loads of money, celebrating with his exclusive crew and being really famous.
Paying tribute, poet Ian McMillan last night said: "Goodbye Acker Bilk, creator of one of the great earworms.
Corn earworms (also known as cotton bollworms) cost cotton producers an estimated $200 million a year in lost crops and control expenses, and they are notoriously hard to track because they migrate at night.
That may not last much longer thanks to a couple of standout tracks that are certain to be late-summer earworms once "They Want My Soul'' migrates into frequent rotation.
The scars remain for a long time thereafter, not least the shock of your ears being bombarded with an aural blitzkrieg from a crack unit of schmaltzy earworms especially trained to burrow into your brain.
HINT: Brush up on earworms as well as gotcha phrases and taglines.
The retro-inspired house track that works around the old school lyric, "I want your body, everybody wants your body, so let's Jack", is one of the most subtle earworms you'll hear this year.
Yet Generationals are threatening to make an impact with their second album swarming with earworms and T-Rex riffs.
Scientists have found a way of taking our minds off those catchy tunes, which is known as earworms, is by concentrating on anagrams, the Daily Express reported.