East Berlin

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East Berlin

See Berlin.

East Berliner n.

East Berlin

(Placename) (formerly) the part of Berlin under East German control



1. Irving, 1888–1989, U.S. songwriter.
2. Isaiah, 1909–97, British philosopher and scholar, born in Russia.
3. the capital of Germany, in the NE part: constitutes a state. 3,472,009; 341 sq. mi. (883 sq. km). Formerly (1948–90) divided into a western zone (West Berlin), a part of West Germany; and an eastern zone (East Berlin), the capital of East Germany.
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A lot of East Germans left East Berlin and went to West Germany, so there was a lot of freedom there.
The unlikely friendship between Donovan and Abel runs through the core of the film, and Spielberg also does a great job in recreating 1960s East Berlin. It builds towards a nerve-racking climax as the exchange takes place.
Locations include the gloomy Stasi run Russian sector of East Berlin, the scorching plains of East Siberia and American suburbia.
During his stay in East Berlin, Armstrong was actually able to cross over into West Berlin without any papers, an unheard-of event.
An RAF Halifax of 77 Squadron similar to the one that crashed in East Berlin |
On the way out of East Berlin, they checked to make sure the same people left who had gone in.
Merkel, a young physicist in Communist East Berlin when she got her first taste of freedom on Nov.
Starting on November 4, 1989, one million people in East Berlin gathered to protest.
"In the late '60s, there was just a small handful of Filipinos studying in East Berlin. They were the sons of Filipino communist leaders," she says, adding most of the Asians who were there then were workers from communist North Vietnam.
The concrete and barbed wire structure, reaching up to 15 feet in some areas, ran for 96 miles, cutting off Communist East Berlin from West Berlin and the rest of democratic Europe for nearly three decades.
Unfortunately, Berlin, which was also divided -- with West Berlin controlled by the Allies and East Berlin controlled by the Soviets -- lay within Soviet-controlled East Germany.

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