East Berliner

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East Berlin

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East Berliner n.

East Berliner

(Placename) a native or inhabitant of the former East Berlin
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"I was an East Berliner / who did not believe in the East, / she was a West Berliner / who did not believe in the West, // We defined democracy / only in the most caustic forms of self-critique."
Another desperate East Berliner had his girlfriend sew an American officer's uniform, which he then wore while walking across to freedom.
East Berliner Karl initially revels in the capitalist paradise of West Berlin but comes to resent Western debased values.
An East Berliner wrote the 23rd Psalm in German on one portion of the wall, Artt says.
Now the Wall may have fallen, but after two years the East Berliner remains separated from his Western counterpart, both culturally and psychologically.
"Daniel has incredible power," says "Good Bye Lenin!" producer Stefan Arndt, who at first wasn't sure if the West German Bruehl could convincingly play an East Berliner. "He did an amazing job fitting into the role."
IN SINGULARLY DEFT fashion, Klaus Schlesinger has plotted the uncanny intersection of the lives of a Dusseldorf real-estate man, Strehlow, who has come to Berlin in April of 1983 to make the "deal" of his life, and an East Berliner, Skolud, a former architect who is waiting for the "chance" of his life.
MUSIC 1988 More than 3,000 East Berliners gathered at the Berlin Wall to listen to Michael Jackson in concert on the other side.
Thousands of East Berliners swarmed through the crossing points.
The 28-mile barrier dividing Germany's capital was built in 1961 to prevent East Berliners fleeing to the West, but as Communism in the Soviet Republic and Eastern Europe began to crumble, pressure mounted on authorities to open the border.
We were told of the strict rules East Berliners lived under in the German Democratic Republic: child criminals were sent to prison camps where abuse was rife; those on the east were desperate to mark out their individuality; and nudist beaches were the holiday destination of choice as Germans tried to find freedom from strict Soviet rule.

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