East Indian

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East In·dies

Indonesia. The term is sometimes used to refer to all of Southeast Asia. Historically, it referred chiefly to India.

East Indian adj. & n.

East Indian

(Peoples) Caribbean an immigrant to the countries of the Caribbean (West Indies) who is of Indian origin; an Asian West Indian
US and Canadian of, relating to, or originating in the East Indies
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Noun1.East Indian - a native or inhabitant of the East Indies
East India, East Indies, Malay Archipelago - a group of islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans between Asia and Australia
Asian, Asiatic - a native or inhabitant of Asia
Adj.1.East Indian - of or relating to or located in the East Indies
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The gleaming metal and jewels of the gorgeous ornaments of the men and women, duplicated in the trappings of the zitidars and thoats, and interspersed with the flashing colors of magnificent silks and furs and feathers, lent a barbaric splendor to the caravan which would have turned an East Indian potentate green with envy.
But as I came hither without any concern with the East Indian Company, so it would be difficult to go from hence without their licence, unless with great favour of the captains of the ships, or the company's factors: and to both I was an utter stranger.
Clare's villa was an East Indian cottage, surrounded by light verandahs of bamboo-work, and opening on all sides into gardens and pleasure-grounds.
Then came a blessed year of peace and domesticity, to be followed by nine years, with only a three months' break, five upon the Pacific station, and four on the East Indian. After that was a respite in the shape of five years in the Channel squadron, with periodical runs home, and then again he was off to the Mediterranean for three years and to Halifax for four.
This is a curious coincidence with the fact which is generally affirmed of the jackals accompanying, in a similarly officious manner, the East Indian tiger.
We turned into a room near at hand (I think it was the identical breakfast-room, made memorable by the brown East Indian sherry), and I heard a voice say, 'Mr.
ON a summer's morning, between thirty and forty years ago, two girls were crying bitterly in the cabin of an East Indian passenger ship, bound outward, from Gravesend to Bombay.
These descendants of the sect of Zoroaster--the most thrifty, civilised, intelligent, and austere of the East Indians, among whom are counted the richest native merchants of Bombay--were celebrating a sort of religious carnival, with processions and shows, in the midst of which Indian dancing-girls, clothed in rose-coloured gauze, looped up with gold and silver, danced airily, but with perfect modesty, to the sound of viols and the clanging of tambourines.
In addition, 80 per cent of the NCRMD group was white while 9.1 per cent were aboriginal and the rest were of East Indian, Asian and African heritage.
East Indian rosewood is its common name in the United States, but related species of rosewood from India of commercial importance are Dalbergia javanica and Dalbergia sissoo.
With African, East Indian, European, Chinese and Middle Eastern influences to draw upon, Trinidad and Tobago enjoys a varied culture that is attractive to television and film producers.
The racial dynamics of GTA III are overshadowed by its in-your-face imagery: the heavy-accented East Indian cabbie, the poor-English speaking Chinese women walking on the street, the purple-clad black pimps.

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