East River

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East River

A narrow tidal strait connecting Upper New York Bay with Long Island Sound and separating the boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx from Brooklyn and Queens.

East′ Riv′er

a strait in SE New York separating Manhattan Island from Long Island and connecting New York Bay and Long Island Sound.
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Noun1.East River - a tidal strait separating Manhattan and the Bronx from Queens and BrooklynEast River - a tidal strait separating Manhattan and the Bronx from Queens and Brooklyn
Greater New York, New York, New York City - the largest city in New York State and in the United States; located in southeastern New York at the mouth of the Hudson river; a major financial and cultural center
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But to do so was to discover a whole new world of architectural beauty, of exquisite ascendant lines, and long after the central congestion had been relieved by tunnels under the sea, four colossal bridges over the east river, and a dozen mono-rail cables east and west, the upward growth went on.
The churches re-echoed the national enthusiasm in graver key and slower measure, and the aerial and naval preparations on the East River were greatly incommoded by the multitude of excursion steamers which thronged, helpfully cheering, about them.
The footways of the great bridges over the East River were also closely packed and blocked.
Down through the twilight sank five attacking airships, one to the Navy Yard on East River, one to City Hall, two over the great business buildings of Wall Street and Lower Broadway, one to the Brooklyn Bridge, dropping from among their fellows through the danger zone from the distant guns smoothly and rapidly to a safe proximity to the city masses.
There came the explicit statement of the agreement to victual the German airships, to supply the complement of explosives to replace those employed in the fight and in the destruction of the North Atlantic fleet, to pay the enormous ransom of forty million dollars, and to surrender the in the East River.
1] A long, narrow island in the East River, between New York and Long Island City.
1] A bay of the East River, on which the Brooklyn Navy Yard is situated.
1] A small bay in the East River below Corlear's Hook.
The New York City Almshouse, at Bellevue on the East River, housed over 1,500 inmates at a time(with annual deaths approaching 500), and served as a last refuge for the destitute of all ages}
A pilot whose helicopter went down in Manhattan's East River, killing five passengers, says in an emergency radio transmission that he had engine failure.
Summary: New York [United States], Mar 12 (ANI): At least five people died after a helicopter crashed in New York's East River.
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